Monday, November 17, 2014

Compass Points Theological Survey

Last week our middle school Compass Points class conducted a theological survey of the congregation during coffee hour. Thank you to everyone who participated and voted. If you were in church on Sunday, then you heard one of our students report back to the congregation. However, if you missed hearing this young man speak, here is a recap of the results:
Compass Points Theological Survey Results
First Unitarian Church of Worcester, 
November 9, 2014
There is a spark of divinity in each of us.
There are probably as many ideas about God as there are people.
We can use science and reason to understand our Universe.
God is present in the relationships among people.
I find God in nature.
God and the Universe are the same – God is in everything and everyone.
God is my conscience calling me to make the world a better place.
There’s no way we can know whether or not there is a God.
God cares for us and listens to our prayers.
Creation is ongoing, and we are co-creators with God.
God is like a loving mother who sustains us and all life.
My beliefs about Jesus make me feel closer to God.
There’s no such thing as God, and even the word is meaningless.
God created the universe and left it to run itself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our Youth Are Amazing

When Given Lemons, Make…

Ever wonder how Biblical stories pertain to our Unitarian Universalist faith or the modern world we live in? Just ask our youth. 

Last week we gave our middle school Compass Points students each a lemon. Then we took the lemons back and mixed them up. Each youth was able to pick their own lemon back out and explain what made his or her lemon unique. If we can do this with lemons, surely we can do this with our fellow humans. This led to a discussion of our first UU Principle:  "The inherent worth and dignity of every person."

The class moved onto the story of The Good Samaritan and the subject of hospitality. Many of these same youth are members of our BYKOTA youth group, and had spent time that week volunteering at the Interfaith Hospitality Network house, helping to entertain the 11 homeless children staying there. 

When discussing our first principle, and the subject of hospitality, caring for those in need, and treating others as we want to be treated, it seemed an obvious “Of course we should.” Then the conversation turned to the Ebola crisis and how we should react. Yes. These are some deep thinking and caring youth we've got here.

This week, that caring was made visible when our middle school youth group BYKOTA, along with our senior high youth group YRU2 hosted the All Souls Day UNICEF Carnival with great success! Thank you to everyone who attended and bought tickets and to all the kids who returned a UNICEF trick or treat box.
We raised $475 for UNICEF. 

 If you missed this event, you missed seeing and hearing our Moderator, Seth Popinchalk perform "Let It Go," from Frozen.