Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter Eggs for IHN

We're planning on another "money hunt" for social action this Easter, April 20.  We especially encourage families who will have children involved in the hunt to bring a dozen eggs, but the entire congregation is encouraged to donate money eggs - even those who have no children or whose children are grown. Let's show the children how much we care.

Instead of filling plastic eggs with candy, please donate a dozen eggs filled with money – any amount of money, from pennies to dollars. The hunt can begin in your home as you search together for loose change in the couch cushions or the junk drawer J. If your family will be out of town for Easter, you are encouraged to still participate by contributing filled eggs. Our youth will hide the eggs as usual, and the children will hunt for a designated number. But instead of taking home a bunch of candy, the kids will then be able to add their money together. (And as an added bonus parents - no candy! No allergy concerns or tantrums about wanting more candy.)

All proceeds will go to the Interfaith Hospitality Network, a cause our church has supported for many, many years.  From their webpage:

The Interfaith Hospitality Network is an organization that unites the religious community in an effort to serve and nurture homeless families regardless of income and family structure. Twenty-six congregations, many with assistance from additional congregations, provide meals, shelter and hospitality. Families receive case management, assistance with housing and employment search, accessing support services and advocacy at the IHN day center.
Greater Worcester's IHN has helped 295 families, with a total 862 individuals, since its formation in 1997. IHN makes a difference! 

Plastic eggs are available in the Bancroft room for your family to take home and fill, or you can buy your own plastic eggs from just about anywhere. Please return them filled as soon as possible, but at the latest by Easter Sunday, April 20.