Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Showing our Colors - Wear the Rainbow

Rainbow Promises - Wear the Rainbow

Seven of our upcoming Spirit Play and Jedi Academy classes focus on the UU Rainbow Promises.  One of our classes decided that it would be fun to wear the color each week for each promise.  They will also be getting beads of this color on these weeks.  Adults, youth and kids in the other classes are also invited to join in the color fun.  We will be lighting the chalice in honor of our promises/principles each week.  Imagine how beautiful it would be to look out into the congregation and see the solidarity of color throughout.  Even if you cannot wear a shirt or outfit of the color, perhaps you could wear an accessory.

The schedule is:

3/2 - Red - Inherent Worth & Dignity of All People
3/9 - Orange - Justice & Equity in Human Relations
3/16 - Yellow - Acceptance of One Another and Encouragment to Spiritual Growth
3/23 - Green - Free and Responsible Search for Truth & Meaning
4/6 - Blue - Rite of Conscience and the Democratic Process
4/13 - Indigo - Working for Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All
4/27 - Violet - The Interconnected Web of Life, of which we are a part

I look forward to seeing the congregation wear our rainbow colors with pride.  See you on Sunday!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Better Endings

Better Endings
A series of workshops designed by experts in our congregation to help adults prepare for the end of our lives.  Childcare will be offered for each of the workshops, and young parents are encouraged to participate. See detailed descriptions below.

Sunday, 3/2, noon: Voicing Our Concerns                                

Sunday, 3/16, noon: Making Our Wishes Known                    

Sunday, 3/30, noon: Better Ending and Financial Considerations                     
Sunday, 4/13, noon: Legal Ramifications of Death               
Monday, 5/5, 7:30 pm: A Family Undertaking                 

Monday, 5/12, 7:30 pm: Wrap-up, Next Steps

Sign up here to let us know you plan to attend (though walk-ins are welcome).

Sunday, March 2, noon  
Led by Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris

It seems that no aspect of our lives has grown more complex than how we approach the end of life.  This series on various aspects of how we can prepare ourselves and help loved ones prepare for that time begins with an opportunity to share thoughts and feeling we bring to the task and to give voice to questions and concerns this series might address.

Sunday, March 16, noon
Having the conversation & making our wishes known
Led by Suzanne Westbrook & Jennifer Reidy

It’s not easy for any of us to talk about how we want the end of our lives to be. But it’s one of the most important conversations we can have with our loved ones.  In this workshop, we will explore how our unique values and beliefs can help us clarify our medical wishes if we were seriously ill – for ourselves, our loved ones and our doctors.
The workshop will feature an interactive exercise and group discussion about talking with our loved ones about what we, or they, want for end-of-life care.  We will also review how to put our wishes in writing through advance directives.
We want you to be the expert on your wishes and those of your loved ones.   We look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, March 30, noon 
Better Ending and Financial Considerations
Led by Wendy Innis

Looking at the financial considerations that accompany the End of Life can be rewarding. Whether you are of limited means, middle class or wealthy, you have choices. It can feel good to gain some control over what happens to your money and assets as you approach the End of Life.

What can you do? What can you prepay? We will discuss the options available to you and the preparations you can make as you update your financial plan for a Better Ending.

Sunday, April 13, noon
Legal Ramifications of Death
Led by Lee Bona

Legal Issues in End of Life PlanningBesides the psychosocial, financial and medical concerns, legal issues abound in planning for “end of life.” Who will take care of the kids?  Pay the bills?  Run the business?  What medical treatments do I want to receive?  How do I insure that what I want done, gets done – while I’m here and after I’m gone?  This presentation will focus on discussion of a checklist of things-to-do, as well as advanced directives/authorization forms which can make the EOL transition more mindful and peaceful.  It is intended to benefit those who intend to retain as much control as possible over their own lives and those who would assist others in the EOL process.

Monday, May 5, 7:30 pm
Showing of PBS Documentary "A Family Undertaking" in the Chapel
Led by  Gini Johnson

This excellent documentary was six years in the making and will reveal societal changes that began during the Civil War.  Prior to that time there was no need for embalming, nor funeral homes and profits to be made from death.  Caring for the deceased; from washing, preparing, dressing and viewing the body to burial, was done by  family members and friends, as one last intimate and loving grace.

View this film and consider how far we have distanced ourselves from death, increased financial costs and perhaps lost something of value in human relations by our present day reliance on professional strangers.

There will be an opportunity to discuss our feelings and other alternatives in our wrap-up session on March 12th at 7:30 pm.

Monday, May 12
7:30 pm Wrap-Up Discussion in the Chapel
Led by Gene Johnson

This session will be an open discussion providing  an opportunity to express our thoughts and  feelings as a result of participating in the End of Life Series.