Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WEEMA - Faith in Action

Sunday, January 12, a representative from WEEMA International  (www.weema.org) will offer a presentation on this organization that was proposed by First U member Gina DaCruz.  

WEEMA International is a NGO working in the southern region of Ethiopia (Kembata-Tembaro zone). WEEMA's mission is to work with communities as an ally to create conditions in which people can thrive and dream about a brighter future. Our areas of focus are to bring clean water to communities, education, economic development, and medical/maternal health.  The word ‘weema’ is a meaningful one in Tembarsa, the local dialect spoke in the Kembata-Tembaro Zone of Ethiopia. It can mean something that carries all the necessary or important elements in it, and it also is an expression of optimism, hope, positivity, perfection and fullness or wholeness. It signifies something all encompassing.
As Gina writes, "At the core of my beliefs as a UU, the work I do with WEEMA is what fires me up. I am passionate about social justice and am very excited about the goals that WEEMA has accomplished with the communities that we partner with. So much has been done, but so much still needs to be done. WEEMA is trying to reach a larger audience, and believe that FIrst U's mission for social justice fits perfectly with how we approach the work we do. Our alliance with communities and community members is what makes us unique- working in collaboration with communities rather then us doing what we feel is best."

The presentation will be from 12-1  pm on Sunday, January 12 and the 50/50 collection on January 19.