Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter is coming!!! Bring out your eggs.

We're planning on another "money hunt" for social action this Easter, March 31.
Instead of filling plastic eggs with candy, please donate a dozen eggs filled with money – any amount of money, from pennies to dollars. The hunt can begin in your home as you search together for loose change in the couch cushions or the junk drawer J. If your family will be out of town for Easter, you are encouraged to still participate by contributing filled eggs. Our youth will hide the eggs as usual, and the children will hunt for a designated number. But instead of taking home a bunch of candy, the kids will then be able to add their money together. All of the money collected will go to our spring social action focus, the Center for Nonviolent Solutions. (And as an added bonus parents - no candy! No allergy concerns or tantrums about wanting more candy).

We especially encourage families who will have children involved in the hunt to bring a dozen eggs, but the entire congregation is encouraged to donate money eggs - even those who have no children or whose children are grown. Let's show the children how much we care.

Plastic eggs will be available in the Bancroft room beginning this Sunday for your family to take home and fill, or you can buy your own plastic eggs from just about anywhere. Please return them filled as soon as possible, but at the latest by Easter Sunday, March 31.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hogwarts Spring Spectacular

 Welcome the Spring with Hogwarts!!!
April 27, 2013
9 am - 3 pm
at First Unitarian Church
90 Main St
Worcester, MA  

Are you curious about our Hogwarts summer camp and want to see what it's all about?  Are you excited about the summer and eager to get back to Hogwarts before then?  We welcome all students and staff from our summer Hogwarts camp, and all guests and newcomers are encouraged to join us, too.  Our Spring Social Action is based on the Center for Nonviolent Solutions, a local organization that emphasizes the importance of open communication, anger management, and mutual respect in resolving conflicts and promoting harmony.  This one-day program is an opportunity to engage in these topics in a fun and interactive way.  It will include:
    • Peacemaking Activities in Hogwarts Classes
    • Quidditch
    • A Spring Costume Challenge
    • Hogwarts songs
    • Our real magic - making the world a better place!
Spring is a time of renewal.  This winter has been difficult for many, but it is time for a rebirth!  As part of our spectacular day, we will have a Spring Costume Challenge.  Think bunnies, flowers, fairies, leprechauns, and green things.  Be creative!
Students should register in advance if possible. We are asking a $15 donation (all proceeds beyond expenses will go to the Center for Nonviolent Solutions). We will allow walk-in students, but pre-registration will help us to plan. Use the following link:

Students will be separated into houses. Those who were officially "sorted" in the summer will stay in their same house. All newcomers will be house "visitors" for the day. They may or may not be in the same house if they come in the summer.

We will start with a welcoming assembly where the students will learn a bit more about the Center for Nonviolent Solutions and do some related activities.

Then we will split into age class groupings to rotate through short classes (five classes in one day instead of three), all with a peacemaking theme. Students will eat the lunch they bring from home, so parents, make sure you pack a lunch!

All students will gather back at the Quidditch Pitch for at least four games (2 younger, 2 older - so each team gets a chance to play).

This is a drop-off program for school age kids, so parents do not have to stay... but all adults and teens are welcome to join our Hogwarts staff for the day. If you have preschool age kids or younger, parents need to stay as part of the staff. High school students could sign up either as staff (ELFS) or students. Adults and high school youth can sign up as staff here:

Adult & Teen Staff Registration

Questions? Contact the Headmistress at