Monday, August 24, 2009

"Back to Church" Backwards Party!

nac uoy llet tahw siht syas?
hint: a mirror would help!

All children are invited to a "back to church" forward-backward themed party at First Unitarian Church on ingathering Sunday, September 13th!! Children are invited to wear their clothes backwards if they want to!

After dismissal from the worship service around 10:45am, the children will go upstairs to Unity Hall for backwards food, games, and other activities.

Even though we're coming "back" to church, we're looking forward to a new year! But the new year will be one of both looking forward and backward as we celebrate our 225th birthday as a church!

Kids, remember to save some water from summer adventures (from a pool, pond, lake, or sprinkler, etc.) for a special ceremony at the party. If you forget, however, don't worry. You can bring tap water to symbolize summer water, and we'll have extra on hand as well. We'll look back at our summers, return the water back to the earth, and look forward to the new beginnings ahead...symbolic beginnings as well as flowers that will come up from the watered earth in the spring!

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