Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can You Donate a Shelf?

Updated 9/21/09: We need just two more of the shelf pictured above to complete our Spirit Play classrooms. The shelf costs $39.99 at Staples. It is item #690047.

If you are able to purchase one (or two) shelves, put it (or them) together, and bring it in to church within the next couple of weeks, please let Sierra-Marie know at 508-757-2708 ext. 105 or sm gerfao @ first unitarian . com (please remove all spaces). If you can't put it together, please don't worry. We'll find someone who can help.

THANK YOU! Each ONE helps a TON!


James said...

I'm in for a shelf set: Jim Dolan

Sierra-Marie said...

Great! Thank you so much Jim! Will you be assembling it, and if not, is there any way you can bring it in by tomorrow (Thur 9/16)evening so we can get someone to assemble it for you?